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If you are living abroad but are looking to buy a new-build property in the UK, we can help you. We have assisted a number of overseas clients with their mortgage requirements and have a wealth of knowledge of the UK new-build market.

We can help expats investing in property or returning to the UK, overseas buyers purchasing property for family members to live in and foreign nationals investing in UK property.

Having strong relationships with private banks and retail lenders, we have direct access to the key decision makers. We can access a wide range of funding solutions, as well as preferential rates and bespoke arrangements which cannot be achieved by approaching a lender direct.

We will manage the entire mortgage transaction on your behalf and will liaise with all of the relevant parties involved. This will ensure a smooth transaction that fits in with the developer's timescales.

Not only can we assist with your mortgage requirements, our specialist insurance team - SPF Insurance Services - can also arrange insurance cover for your new property and its contents.

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