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If you are planning on buying a property to rent out, then you will need a buy-to-let mortgage.

We have access to a wide range of buy-to-let mortgage options including some bespoke arrangements, tailored to the investment borrower. Our landlord clients range from novice investors right through to those managing large property portfolios.

We will know which lenders to approach in order to secure the most suitable and cost-effective funding for you, ensuring a stress-free mortgage process from start to completion.

Not only can we arrange the funding for any new properties you are buying, we can also review your entire property portfolio, refinancing any dwellings where necessary on to more suitable and cost-effective products.

As the buy-to-let market has changed considerably over the past few years and interest rates have fallen to record lows, it makes sense to speak with one of our brokers.

In addition to arranging your mortgage, our specialist insurance team – SPF Insurance Services - can also arrange insurance cover for your property and its contents.

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